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Our Story

Our slogan "Taste The Difference!" is what we strive for everyday. One thing is for sure this will be some of the best food that you will ever eat.

Our story starts a long time ago when two friends met. The Cooper family and the Temple family had a lot in common. Both had a lot of kids and enjoyed being around others. I remember going over to Mama Temple's house when all of her kids were home from school, there were more kids that didn't belong to her then there were of her own kids, always there was an abundance of food that she would prepare for her kids' friends to come and enjoy. I watched in amazement how she was always giving and preparing large amounts of food to her guests. I though to myself "what an awesome lady", I would like to have the heart to give that way someday.


During all this time our families intertwined somewhat with each other and became very close. Mama Temples oldest son, Corty, could cook, we would have Super Bowl, Final Four and World Series parties during a mens gathering at our church and he would always bring the best "stuff", no matter what it was that he decided to muster up - and he, like his Mama, would bring lots of it, it was so good we couldn't stop eating it until we were about to explode. In 2007 I bought the old Greek's Pizzeria. A little nervous, yes, but ready to tackle a new venture. Corty, finding out from Papa Temple what I had done came to my rescue. Like I said I always knew he was a good cook, we started putting together recipes that were out of this world. We decided to name it Coop's Pizzeria, and offer family size portions.

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